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Street Fighter 6 adds American Ninja Kimberly

Meet Kimberly, a ninja girl with plenty of pizzazz.  During EVO 2022, Capcom introduced Street Fighter 6 newcomer Kimberly, a spunky fresh energetic ninja from the United States of America in a trailer . After more than 30 years, she is the first Black American female fighter to grace the franchise.  To sum up Kimberly's character, she is a modern-day ninja (and prodigy character) who is obsessed with '80s pop culture. She also carries around a portable cassette player and several graffiti spray cans to express herself. Despite all this, Kimberly's bio states that she actually had an normal upbringing and graduated from college early. Though at some point in her life she decided to become a full-fledged ninja. Show ya moves As a student trained under street Fighter veteran Guy, Kimberly uses the Bushinryu ninjutsu fighting style reminiscent of Guy/Zeku, however with her own twist. For instance, alongside her traditional ninja techniques, the young woman utilizes her spray p

Top 10 Underrated PS1 games that deserve more attention

Arriving on Japan shores in 1994 and launching a year later in North America and Europe, the PlayStation one would become one of the best selling consoles of all time. Sony's first console not only stood out for it's epic library of games, but also the sheer volume of said archive. Fast forward to 2022 and Sony have revamped their PS Plus premium service, which now features an impressive  backlog of Playstation games  - from PlayStation 1 2 3 4 5 and PSP .  The PlayStation library, especially that of the PlayStation 1, is absolutely huge in terms of games released. There's literally hundreds, if not thousands of games that could be included in this PlayStation Plus Premium tier. Popular video Games such as Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid and Grand Turismo are absolute no brainers. However this is the perfect time to turn our attention to several hidden gems and lesser appreciated games which also released on the console. 10. Rollcage If you were ever looking for a futur

Mike Tyson admits Nintendo Punch Out was a bad deal

 For many, “Punch-Out!!” on the Nintendo Entertainment System is a pleasant trip down memory lane. However for the Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, it turned out to be a poor business decision in hindsight. Nintendo originally released the Punch-Out!! videogame in 1983 and struck a deal to use Tyson's name and likeness in 1987. Two years prior, an eighteen year old Mike Tyson made his pro boxing debut. Within a year, he was dominating opponents in the ring in nationally televised bouts.  Countless people attended his boxing matches to watch the rising young star in action, and one of those viewers was former Nintendo president of America  Minoru Arakawa , who was in awe of Tyson's performance. Fast forward to 1987 and Nintendo would obtain Mike Tyson's name and likeness rights. While underdog fighter " Little Mac" was the protagonist of the game, Mike Tyson was the titular character, hence why it was called "Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!". Naturally, Tyson's v

Top 10 Best Sonic The Hedgehog 2 movie Easter Eggs

Warning: Full spoilers follow for Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 just recently spin dashed onto the big screen, but it's already one of best video game movies of all time. And that's partly due to stellar performances by several actors including Idris Elba , the amazing CGI VFX and the many homages which subtly appeared in the film. The movie features a collection of subtle Sonic references spanning the blue justice's 30 years in video games and other forms of media. While there were countless references in the film, here are ten of the best Easter Eggs and deep cuts concealed within the Sonic sequel, which you probably missed, because you're too slow! 10. Agent Stone's "Mean Bean" Coffee Shop Following the events of the first film, Agent Stone relocates to the town of Green Hills and opens up a coffee shop called "Mean Bean". Now,  Mean Bean is certainly a catchy name for a coffee shop, but unless you're a die-hard fan of Sonic

Dwight Howard, LA Lakers & Xbox team up to inspire youth

The video game industry is projected to reach $545 billion by 2028 , yet behind the scenes there's still a lack of  diversity . NBA All Star Dwight Howard, the Lakers and Xbox are on a mission to change that, by empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to chart a path in gaming. The gaming giant teamed up with Howard and the  basketball franchise to revamp part of a San Fernando Valley-Based   Boys & Girls Club, which currently serves over 2,500 children, between six to seventeen years of age in the Los Angeles area. The renovated room, labelled the "Dream Space", was turned into a gaming lab fitted with custom Laker themed gaming PCs, Xbox Series S consoles and artwork adorned on the walls. The space was created to encourage youth to use technology to shape the future they want to see.  After members of the youth club were surprised with the brand new room, the 2020 NBA Finals champion revealed himself to participate in some friendly competition with t