Meet Sojourn, the new hero of Overwatch 2

Sojourn overwatch 2

Everything you need to know about Overwatch 2's new hero.

The first new hero that Blizzard confirmed for Overwatch 2, dating back to BlizzCon 2019, was Sojourn. She is the franchise's first Canadian representative, and also the first playable Black woman.

In the same year, during his developer update, Overwatch‘s director Jeff Kaplan claimed that Sojourn had been in development even before the release of the game. He said.. 

“I think Sojourn—we started development on her in, I wanna say, 2015. It might have even been [in] 2014. Some heroes are new-ish—like Orisa was very new when we sort of released her and came up with her.”

Concept art

Sojourn's overall appearance has changed in the half-decade since players first graced eyes on her in 2016. Her aesthetics are more in theme with cybernetic technology, and she now carries a rifle on one arm and a cannon on the other.

Her origin

The character made her debut appearance in the animated short “Recall,” introduced to Overwatch fans as an agent who received a message to re-join Overwatch.

The short was uploaded to YouTube before the game’s release. It focused on Winston, who was debating whether he should bring back Overwatch’s original agents after Talon attacks a base. “I do miss the old days,” Winston says, looking at old photos of his fellow Overwatch agents.

Overwatch playable black female character

After a dispute with Reaper, Winston looks up agent locations. Among all of the heroes fans already know and play as, such as Genji and Tracer, Sojourn and some other unfamiliar faces appear on Winston’s device.

The mysterious soldier was teased once more, as she made an appearance in Ana’s origins video. In that story, Sojourn is apart of Ana’s team, which further ties Sojourn to the original Overwatch members, including Solder: 76, McCree, and Reinhardt.

The lore

Sojourn was one of the several captains of Overwatch, joining at some point in the group's golden era and staying with them into their twilight years. At some stage, she received cybernetic brain upgrades.. After Overwatch disbanded, Sojourn laid low in Canada.Years later, she was one of the organization's former members recalled by Winston.

What are Sojourn's Abilities?

Overwatch 2 Sojourn gameplay and abilities

In combat, Sojourn is a DPS focused character with the base health of 200HP, and she is the first hero in the series to use a railgun. Geoff Goodman said that Sojourn was designed around her weapon type.

Goodman described her railgun as a "really powerful shot that can rip through enemies if you’re really accurate with it."
“She’s all about that aim skill,” Goodman said. “So if you’ve got that aim skill, you’re gonna love her.” He added that Sojourn has “become a lot of people’s favorite in-house” at Blizzard.
Primary Weapon

Her primary weapon is a energy rifle with rapid fire that includes 40 rounds per clip. The amount of  bullets remaining in the chamber is conveniently shown on the gun itself. Each bullet inflicts between 5 and 8 damage. The rifle also has a pretty quick reload time, so you're not stuck fumbling around while replacing magazines.

Secondary weapon

Sojourn’s energy rifle also features a secondary attack that comes in the form of a railgun. On the PC, by holding down the right mouse button, players can load a shot, indicated by the bars that appear on the HUD.

While it isn't a requirement to wait for the two bars to be full to fire off a shot, players will deal more damage with a fully charged railgun. Furthermore firing Sojourn’s primary weapon at opponents or barriers will additionally charge up the railgun and any critical hits supply a significant amount of railgun charge. 

Her voice actress

Cherise boothe lends her voice to Sojourn in Overwatch 2. If you already didn't know, Cherise has voiced characters in several video games which include Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time, Voltron Legendary Defender, XCom 2 and Evolve. 

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