10 Best Black Nintendo Characters Of All Time

black nintendo characters

The introduction of Nintendo's first Black character dates back to 1983 in the arcade version of Punch Out!!, which introduced three opponents of African descent. 30-plus years later and a handful of unique Black characters have appeared in Nintendo games, here are 10 of the greatest of all time.

10. Matt Wii Sports 

matt wii sports

If you don't remember Matt, then take a trip down memory lane. He's the Mii that you would face in the Wii Sports boxing game. If you saw Matt on the screen for a match-up, it was time for a beatdown. 

According to the Wii Sports Fandom Wiki, "Matt is very good at every sport except Cycling, Baseball, and Tennis. In Basketball, he is average." Since ruining the childhood of many, Matt has gone on to become a meme.

9. Grant Pokemon X and Y 

black pokemon characters

Pokemon X and Y's region is based on France, so naturally this gave Game Freak the incentive to add several dark skin Pokémon trainers to the game. One of them is Grant, a Rock-type gym leader who resides in Cyllage City, and awards the cliff badge to trainers who defeat him.

He is is extremely athletic and excels at a variety of sport activities including bike racing and mountain climbing. According to the TV show "Gym Freaks", he is a trendsetter and very fashionable, with his hair accessory of colourful stones apparently being popular among the youth of Kalos. 

The television show also states that Grant eats less to maintain weight loss, hence his slender appearance. Although by doing this, he misses the opportunity to eat sweet stuff. 

8. Devdan - Fire Emblem 

fire emblem heroes devdan

Devdan also called Danved makes a playable appearance in the Fire Emblem games, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. He is introduced in chapter 16 of Path of Radiance as a guard working for Duke Tanas. Though once he learns of his boss's involvement in "slavery", he switches allegiances. 

Devdan is an amusing and eccentric fellow, who enjoys pulling pranks on other people, has an alter ego and speaks in third person. Despite his childish traits, Devdan also acts as a mentor to young members in the army he's enlisted in, ultimately helping them reach their potential.  

7. Kate Alen (F-Zero)

f zero kate alen

Introduced in F-Zero X in 1998, Kate Alen is the first ever Black female character created by Nintendo. She is an extremely popular singer and dancer who was chosen to perform at several F-Zero Grand Prix ceremonies.

Enticed by the extreme speed of the race, Kate put a halt to her music career and instead chose to pursue F-Zero racing.  Taking full advantage of her natural sense of rhythm, athleticism and strong resolve, Kate drops the mic and officially becomes a pilot racer. 

6. Anthony Higgs Metroid: Other M

metroid prime 4

Although Metroid Other M is universally disliked by Nintendo fans, many will agree that one of the few gems to come from the game is Anthony Higgs, a high ranking soldier in the Galactic Federation Army, who is also an old friend of Samus Aran. He is voiced by Mike McGillicuty.

Not only is he armed to the teeth, but Anthony is also physically strong and athletic, able to execute fast rolls and standing backflips in battle, even when equipped with all of his weaponry and armor. He is also the tallest member of his unit at 6ft 8in tall, (the same height as NBA's Lebron).

Personality wise, Anthony is a charismatic and laid back dude who has some memorable one liners. He isn't afraid to poke fun at himself or make light of odd situations. Although when the time calls for it, he knows when to dial back his comedy shtick and get serious. 

5. Doc Louis Punch-Out!!

punch out doc louis

Making his debut in the 1987 NES instalment of Punch-out!!, Jerome "Doc" Louis is a former heavyweight boxing champion, and Little Mac's trainer. In the Wii version, he is voiced by Riley Inge.

As a coach, Doc Louis is very hands on with his training methods and has taught Little Mac everything there is to know about boxing. That includes the Star Punch, a move he invented and one of Mac's strongest attacks.

In between rounds, Doc Louis advises Mac on opponents weaknesses to exploit, along with the techniques they use and how he should avoid certain attacks, as his boxer fights throughout the World Video Boxing Association circuits.

4. Olivia Pokémon Sun and Moon

black pokemon trainer

Game Freak was definitely in their bag when they created Olivia, a character introduced in Pokemon Sun and Moon. In the game she is the Kahuna of Akala Island and a member of the Alola Elite Four, a group of Pokemon Trainers who are regarded as the toughest in their region. 

In battle she uses Rock-type Pokemon and gives the Akala stamp to trainers who complete her challenge. In addition to being a Kahuna, Olivia is also the owner of a jewellery and accessory store in her hometown. 

Although she was selected to be the Kahuna from a very young age, Olivia insists that she is just an average girl. 

3. Mr Sandman Punch-Out!!

mr sandman

Who's the baddest of them all, Mr Sandman that's who. Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States, Mr Sandman is an African American boxer who first appeared in 1983's arcade Punch-Out!! as the last boss.

Although his role is reduced to a contender in the follow releases. In the Wii reboot, he's back to last boss status and a worthy replacement to Mike Tyson as the final challenger. Voiced by Riley Inge, Mr Sandman is all about sending his opponents off to Dreamland.

Mr Sandman doesn't rely on special tricks or cheap tactics to win fights, he is simply the best pure boxer, and his WVBA 31-0 record speaks for it's self. To quote Doc Louis "Sandman's fast and strong, he ain't the champ for nothin'!" Now where is Mr Sandman's smash bros invitation?

2. Twintelle Arms 

Nintendo's new ip Arms may have lost steam since it's release, but the popularity of the game's breakout character Twintelle is unsurprising. She is one of the 15 playable characters in the game and leaves her opponents starstruck. 

In the Arms universe, Twintelle is a famous and rich actress who goes by the stage name "Silver Screen Queen". She enters the ARMS tournament after feeling complacent with her pampered life, and also to prove she's more than just an actress.

It's never really explained why her hair inherits the ARMS power over her actual arms, but it just makes the mega celeb that more unique. The in-universe explanation states that "the fighters have become starstruck in the presence of such a famous actress, and therefore cannot concentrate on their moves."

1. Marina Splatoon 2

splatoon 3

Marina, also known as DJ_Hyperfresh, is one half of Off the Hook, a sensational pop duo who debuts in Splatoon 2 as host replacements for the Squid Sisters from the original game. After first being revealed in 2017, she quickly became a fan favourite among fans, (and rightfully so).

Not only did Nintendo knock Marina's visual design out the park, but she was also given a multifaceted personality which cemented her instant fan-favorite status. While she is more reserved in contrast to her partner, Marina can go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat, as evident when she roasts Pearl.

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