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Top 5 Jamaican Video game Characters of all time

jamaican video game characters

Jamaica is one of the most beautiful islands in the world with a culturally rich history, home to the originators of reggae music and some of the most successful athletes of all time. So it's no surprise that a few prominent Jamaican characters have appeared in video games over the years, but who is the real don dada? 

5. DJ - NBA Street 

It wouldn't be far fetched to dub DJ as the Jamaican Julius Erving or Vince Carter of NBA Street. Or whomever you consider to be the greatest dunker the NBA has ever seen. Because when it's all said and done, DJ will dunk on your head.

This "Street Legend" may be an arrogant player on the court but he has every right to be, because it doesn't matter how tall you are, if you stand in the paint you're getting posterized.  Even though DJ made his one and only appearance in the first NBA Street game, he will always be known as the most explosive dunk master in the series.

4. Solo - Def Jam Fight for NY 

Although Def Jam fight for NY's roster mainly consisted of famous rappers signed to Def Jam Recordings, it also featured several original circuit fighters each with their own unique characteristics, and one of these characters was a Jamaican brawler known as Solo, who is first fought at the Babylon venue.

In the grand scheme of things, Solo is nothing more than a journeyman which the player must defeat in order to progress through the story, but this proud Jamaican simply can't be forgotten, especially not his memorable and powerful intro quote "Dis right here, is for all me Jamaican bredren around de world!". He is voiced by Canadian actor Doron Bell Jr.

3. Carla - Monkey Island

The Monkey Island adventure games featured an assortment of colorful characters and one of them happened to be a Jamaican lass called Carla. Now let's make one thing clear, Carla is no ordinary woman and her moniker "The Sword Master" is a nickname she has rightfully earned.

In The Secret of Monkey Island, she is a master swordsman and one of the pirates the protagonist must defeat in order to attain his status as a bonafide pirate. She is a fierce warrior who lives deep in the forest, to avoid people from constantly challenging her title. What's more, Carla also has the uncanny ability to come up with unique insults, few can challenge.

2. Dee Jay - Street Fighter series

First appearing in 1993's Super Street Fighter II, Deejay is historically the first Jamaican character to debut in a video game. He is a highly efficient and famous kickboxer who has made a name for himself as not only a martial artist, but also a world famous musician and recording artist.

Two interesting facts about Deejay you should know. He is the only Street Fighter character in the mainline series created by Capcom USA, and he is inspired by real life martial artist, actor and Tae Bo creator Billy Banks. As a cheerful, happy-go-lucky man who loves to dance and fight, Deejay is rarely seen without his huge yet ridiculous smile.

1. Little Jacob - Grand Theft Auto IV

Rockstar Games are always on point with their realistic yet parodistic depiction of characters, so it's no surprise that Little Jacob in Grand Theft Auto IV has the most authentic Jamaican accent ever heard in a video game. Voiced by the Jamaican sensation Coolie Ranx, this rude boy is a high-ranked member of the Yardies, who supplies drugs and weapons to Liberty City.

During the events of GTA IV, Little Jacob forms a close and trustworthy friendship with the protagonist  Niko Bellic, which in turn gives him a prominent role in the game. Jacob considers himself a Rastafarian and speaks in Iyaric with terms like "I and I", "Brother" and "Rasta". He is also addicted to marijuana, something he feels makes him enlightened. 



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