MultiVersus: 10 Characters We Want In The Game

MultiVersus, the upcoming free to play 2v2 focused platform fighting game has finally being confirmed to be the real deal after appearing across the internet in multiple leaks. WB games officially unveiled the title and will be developing it alongside Player First Games.

Currently, iconic characters such as Superman, Batman, Shaggy from Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Garnet of Steven Universe and Wonderwoman are among the few which will be appearing in the game as playable fighters. What's more the game has actual voice acting and an assortment of cool costumes.

While the base MultiVersus' roster includes plenty of recognizable faces to satiate fighting game fans, there's still many iconic characters that we would love to see make it into the game as DLC. If you didn't notice, most of the initial roster comes from various points throughout the network's history. With that said, there's still ample space for more.

Warner Bros catalog of characters is vast, spanning over several decades worth of television shows and movies. Not taking advantage of this gargantuan pantheon further via DLC would do a disservice to both the studio's expansive history and diehard fans.

Once it's all said and done, MultiVersus' roster should easily rival Super Smash Bros. and it's other platform fighter coevals. The sheer magnitude and popularity of their media franchise collection could feasibly make the roster for this game absolutely bonkers, so there's no need to hold back on this one. Let's go deep.

10. The Flintstones - Fred Flintstone 
Who wouldn't want to hear Fred screaming "yabba dabba doo" as he whacks Superman in the face with a giant stone pellet. It doesn't how old you are because at some point in time you've heard of or seen The Flintstones. Admit it, you're singing the theme song in your head right aren't you? If there's any character who would fit right in, it's definitely Fred Flintstone.  

9. Mortal Kombat - Scorpion 

Of all the characters on this list, this guy is more of a given than anyone else. A fighting game produced by Warner Bros, which doesn't include their most famous video game mascot is like leaving money on the table.

It's also no secret that the Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon is a huge fan of putting his mk characters in crossover fighting games, and with Mortal Kombat being one of the biggest games owned by WB, it's only right that we get to play as one of the most iconic fighting game characters of all time. Get over here already!

8. Space Jam 2 - Lebron James

Among the names that Warner Bros has worked with include one of the best players of all time, Lebron James. As the leading man in space jam 2: A New Legacy, he helped to revive a beloved franchise for a new generation and is no stranger to appearing in videogames. His likeness is already prevalent in the NBA 2K games and during the year of 2021, players could get a Lebron James skin in Fortnite

From Iconic moves like his silencer stomp celebration to unique voice lines, LeBron James could easily become a fan favorite. In addition to this, LeBron James’ icon status and high popularity makes him a perfect addition to the game and would a clear message of how far ahead Multiversus is in comparison to it's competition.

7. Ed Edd n Eddy 

Ed Edd Eddy is a fan favorite and cherished memory to a generation of cartoon fanatics and despite the show ending in 2008, it's still quite popular to this day. In the show, the main goal of the trio of misfits was always to score enough cash to buy jawbreakers, even if that meant scamming their peers.

 Their scheming antics and eccentric personalities would be a perfect fit in a wacky crossover game like MultiVersus as the classic three-in-one fighter. Though if we had to pick one of the Ed boys, it would most certainly be Ed. He is the strongest out of the trio and would be the perfect character to showcase  pure brute strength.

6. Teen Titans - Robin

Robin has come a long way since the days of being a sidekick to Batman. Nowadays he is more known for being the de facto leader of the Teen Titans. While he is one of the only members on the team without any powers, he is often considered to be the world's greatest acrobat, making him incredibly difficult to read, let alone hit.

5. The Powerpuff Girls 

Only a handful of cartoons in the early 2000s had the charm and success that the Powerpuff Girls did.
Not only was the show a smash hit for its entire run on Cartoon Network but it was beloved by girls, boys, adults, and critics alike.

The Powerpuff Girls dynamic trio of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup maybe made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, but don't let their innocent appearance fool you, because they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. They are a perfect balance of kickass that would fit right in. 

4. The Matrix - Neo 

Neo has been an extremely popular character ever since the first Matrix movie was released in 1999 and has also starred in several Matrix video games. There probably isn't a film fanatic fan alive that wouldn't want to see Neo dodge a batarang shot from Batman in bullet-time.

Plus, this dude would have the most insane moveset in the game. He has guns (lots of guns), can stop bullets with his hands and he can also punch you so hard that you literally explode.

3. Rick and Morty - Rick Sanchez

There's no denying that Rick Sanchez is a Godlike character in Rick and Morty. He is pretty much able to do anything and everything he wants, as long as he sets his mind into it. And while his physical strength isn't much to write home about, Rick's intellect allows him to adapt to any given situation through body modification.

2. Samurai Jack - Jack

Premiering in 2001 on Cartoon Network, Samurai Jack featured a warrior from the past called Jack who was hellbent on restoring order to a world which he had long being absent from. The show ran for four seasons until it was cancelled in 2004. However, the fan outcry for the show proved hard to ignore, resulting in a fifth season airing in 2017.

There has been three Samurai Jack games, one of which was released as recently as 2020. In terms of a  potential moveset for a warrior as efficient as Samurai Jack, it doesn't get much more clear-cut than a cool samurai who has an evil, shapeshifting devil as an arch-nemesis. 

1. Static Shock - Static

Virgil Hawkins, more commonly referred to as Static, is one of DC's most powerful teen superheroes.
After being out of the spotlight for far too long, the DC hero is finally back and what better way to promote his return by making him a playable character, in what could potentially be the biggest crossover fighting game of all time.

While the teen hero is most well known for starring in the Static Shock cartoon and Young Justice animated series, majority are unaware of just how powerful he truly is. This is a real shame too, as Static has more superpowers than almost anyone on the Justice League, with each of his abilities being better than the last.

Adding Static to Multiversus would not only be the best place to showcase all his powers and abilities, but it would also potentially introduce the young superhero to a new generation of fans who are unware of his existence. 

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