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Deathloop voice actor wants Colt and Julianna to team up

deathloop 2

Deathloop is a critically acclaimed game driven by incredible central performances from Jason kelley and Ozioma Akagha, who voice Colt and Julianna respectively. Both actors steal the show, while serving up one of the most memorable performances in recent memory. 

They bounce off each other with gusty and infectious banter, yet at the same time, the hostile tension remains as the two simultaneously work toward opposing goals.

Every single day, Deathloop's protagonist Colt Vahn awakens on a sandy seashore, surrounded by empty liquor bottles. He's reliving the same day over and over, alongside the other inhabitants of Blackreef island. He wants to stop the time loop, but Julianna won't allow him to.

Julianna and Colt spend majority of the game trading bullets and wisecracks at each other, as Colt desperately attempts to break the time loop on the island. This dynamic leads to nuanced interactions between the pair, giving their relationship more layers than the antagonistic relationships typical of entertainment media.

Although she gets under his skin and is clearly trying to kill him, Julianna is the one person Colt can hold a conversation with. She is evidently intrigued by him, not only in stopping him, but she wants him to keep fighting, even though she will do everything in her power to prevent from him achieving his goal of breaking the loop.

In a video interview with Dan Allen Gaming, Julianna's voice actor Ozioma Akagha revealed she wants the characters to set aside their differences and team up in a Deathloop sequel. She said  "I would definitely have them team up, but it would be one of those teams that are out of necessity."

"Like they clash heads a lot, so it would be like.. I want plan a, or I want plan b and it's just like chaos happens." The actress concluded with "and maybe they still try to kill each other, that's always fun." 

Despite being deadly rivals, the idea of the two teaming up isn't far fetched, as the banter between Julianna and Colt is witty, authentic and doesn't come across as forced or unnatural. If Ozimoma's idea comes to fruition, then Deathloop 2 could see the duo setting aside their differences in order to fight a common enemy.

In the interview, which you can check out below, Ozioma Akagha also discusses her first impression of Julianna, the process of getting into the character, her upcoming projects and much more.



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