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Top 10 Best Black Fortnite Skins

best black fortnite skins

Fortnite was released in 2017 and since that time, Epic Games' battle royale game has released a wide variety of in-game skins for players to purchase with each new update. There's something for everyone, provided you have the funds.

Over 1000 Battle Royale skins exist and that number only increases with each new battle pass and season. Not only is Fortnite's selection of skins abundant, but they're also inclusive, having shown a commitment to diversity in the games character design. 

Black representation in video games has come a long way.  Epic Games has been notably good about being inclusive of Black Fortnite Skins within the game, which no doubt has helped it’s popularity.

Not only are the characters varied and unique, but they also wear various different Black hairstyles, and not only the default cornrow or Afro style from the yesteryear. It wasn't an easy feat, but here are the top 10 best Black Fortnite skins to feature in the Battle Royale. 

10. Terra 

dbz fortnite skin

One of the more futuristic yet stylish skins to grace the shop, Terra boasts a unique outfit in the fact she is wearing what appears to be a DBZ scouter replica, along with a stylized beret and sporty attire which screams 'I mean business'. She was first released in Chapter 2: Season 2 and is apart of the Artificial Evolved Set. 

9. Match Point 
serena williams video game

The tennis themed skin first appeared in Season 1, Chapter 9 and Fortnite fans immediately liked her to Serena Williams.  As one of the more sporty skins available, Match Point is a simple yet clean representation of tennis. You can't play as Serena Williams in Fortnite, but here's the next best thing.

8. Brite Gunner 

Black People are not a monolith and Epic Games understood the assignment when creating Brite Gunner, an eccentric and colorful character  first introduced in season 3. Brite Gunner's design is definitely out-there, however it's a perfect fit for the even wackier world of Fortnite.

7. Bunny Brawler

easter bunny outfit

What's a better way to celebrate the Easter Holidays than by donning a large Easter bunny outfit complete with egg grenades and face paint. The Easter themed outfit was first introduced in season 3 and is apart of the Pastel Patrol Set.

6. Bandolier 

fortnite rambo

If you wanna know who's ready for war, then ask Bandolier, the take no prisoners soldier skin made their debut in season 4 as apart of the Tropic Troopers set. Bandolier is a tropic jungle commando who wears ammo straps and white paint. Many believe this skin's design is a reference to Rambo.

5. Backlash

Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No it's Backlash, Fortnite's very own black heroine. Backlash is an original superhero character which made her debut appearance in chapter 2, Season 4. Aside from being a superhero and whatnot, what's cool about this skin is the fact that she's customizable. Backlash has multiple hairstyles along with numerous other clothing style options.

4. Deadfire 

black cowboys

Fortnite has jumped on every theme possible and that includes playing cowboys. If you wanted to let out your inner cowboy in Fortnite then what better skin than the legendary outfit Deadfire, a skin which was first released in season 6 as apart of the Western Wilds set. As one of the first reactive skins introduced, his appearance changes by outliving or dealing damage to players and AIs.

3. Jumpshot

Several years later and Jumpshot is still one of most freshest skins to exist, sometimes less is more and that's exactly the case with this hiphop/basketball inspired outfit. While Fortnite would later introduce official NBA Fortnite skins, there's no deying that Jumpshot was the OG. The dope skin was first introduced in Season 4 and is part of the Half Court set. 

2. Luxe 

Epic changed the game when they made Luxe the Tier 100 reward for the season 8 battle pass. She was the first ever Black & female Tier 100 reward available in the history of Fortnite. As a game which got a portion of it's popularity from hip hop culture, Luxe's hip hop inspired outfit was the perfect inclusion.

1. Dr Slone

Fortnite has featured many characters, but truth be told none of them hold a candlelight to Dr Slone. She is one of the most important characters in the game's storyline and her prominence in the game as a charismatic antagonist has earned her a handle of fans. She made her debut in Chapter 2 Season 7.

Fortnite Crossover skins 

Now you're probably wondering why these Fortnite crossover skins weren't included above, well it was decided that they get their own section, otherwise they would have overshadowed the latter. So let's take a look at some of the best crossover skins in the game, (in no order.)

10. Travis Scott
9. Ghost Busters - Containment Specialist
8. Frankenstein's Bride 
7. The Walking Dead - Michonne
6. Mike Lowrey - Bad Boys
5. Marvel - Blade
4. Star Wars - Finn
3. Marvel -Storm 
2. Space Jam A New Legacy - Lebron James 
1. Marvel Black Panther


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