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Dwight Howard, LA Lakers & Xbox team up to inspire youth

dwight howard xbox

The video game industry is projected to reach $545 billion by 2028, yet behind the scenes there's still a lack of diversity. NBA All Star Dwight Howard, the Lakers and Xbox are on a mission to change that, by empowering young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to chart a path in gaming.

The gaming giant teamed up with Howard and the basketball franchise to revamp part of a San Fernando Valley-Based  Boys & Girls Club, which currently serves over 2,500 children, between six to seventeen years of age in the Los Angeles area.

The renovated room, labelled the "Dream Space", was turned into a gaming lab fitted with custom Laker themed gaming PCs, Xbox Series S consoles and artwork adorned on the walls. The space was created to encourage youth to use technology to shape the future they want to see. 

After members of the youth club were surprised with the brand new room, the 2020 NBA Finals champion revealed himself to participate in some friendly competition with them.

Howard shared in a statement, "I want to thank Xbox and the Lakers for coming together and making this place for these kids," Howard said. “They really need it and they’re very thankful. ”He continued: “Sports and gaming give kids a chance to dream and they want to be something in life."

Sports and gaming give kids a chance to dream

"Kids are so innocent," Howard said in a Yahoo Sport interview. "They have so many things they wonder and think about daily, and when hearing their perspective on life, it definitely inspires me and motivates me to continue to push forward with basketball and give it my all."

Howard joked that he wanted to let the children beat him when playing against them, but his pride just wouldn't allow it, especially since the kids wouldn't let up on the bragging. 

"Call of Duty is my favourite game. So, I can't let them win at that. But you know, you do have to let the kids win, but I don't know," the NBA player said with a laugh.

Meanwhile the Lakers posted the new Dream Space photos on their twitter account with a caption. “Excited to have teamed up with @Xbox & our very own Dwight Howard to remodel an Xbox Dream Gaming Room for the @BGC_SFV 🎮..

Microsoft has given over $150 million to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America by donating computer science software and resources, as well as cash grants.



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