10 interesting facts about Forspoken Frey Holland

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Frey Holland is the socially awkward protagonist of Forspoken, a young lady from The Big Apple, who is warped into the magical kingdom of Athia.

So, essentially the game is about an ordinary being who is transported into a world of foreseen magic and malarkey.

However there is more than meets the eye to the unchosen one in Square Enix's unconventional RPG, which stars an unlikely hero. Here are 10 things you may or may not know about Forspoken's Frey.

1. Voiced By 

Frey is voiced by the rising British actress known as Ella Balinska, who is most notable for her role in the Charlies Angel reboot in 2019.

Ella not only lends her voice to the leading lady, but she also provides hands-on motion capture. This also happens to be Balinska's first time voicing a video game character.

2. A Native New Yorker 

While Frey's time is mostly spent in the cruel realms of Athia, her hometown is the real life location of New York City. A place which for Frey is a literal hell's kitchen and the catalyst for her ongoing stress and depression.

3. Cat lover

One of Frey's coping mechanisms while surviving Gotham, comes in the form of a precious bundle of joy, her pet cat Homer, who she shares a cosy apartment with.

As a loner and socially inept city girl suffering with crippling depression, the  Himalayan feline is her only companion in The Five Boroughs.

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4. Grew Up in Foster Care

Born an orphan, life hasn't exactly being fair to Frey and she would be raised by the foster care system until coming of age.

In an interview, The game's writer Todd claims Frey has a "tough exterior" due to her rough upbringing in a foster care environment. 

5. Little Miss Sarcastic Pants

Forspoken's lead is a quippy and sarcastic woman who uses sarcasm and dry humour as a defence mechanism during frustrating moments.

Having to fend for herself in a cutthroat world is no walk in the park, but Frey's sarcastic wit gets her through the hard times.

6. It's Black Magic

When Frey is transported to a new world, the city girl inherits magical abilities beyond her wildest imagination, by means of mystical gold cuffs.

Naturally as the leading lady, she's a natural at casting spells and sending enemies off to meet their maker.

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7. The sidekick 

Frey is not alone in Athia, despite arriving in a foreign world across another galaxy. Because along with her magical powers, she is also gifted a chatty yet extremely helpful sidekick to accompany her during her journey.

The sidekick in question? An unremovable talking inanimate object, which takes the shape of gold bracelets. While Frey and her new companion don't immediately hit it off, in time the duo share banter and help one another. 

8. Little Miss Potty Mouth

Forspoken's hero has a tendency to swear a lot (even more so than Final Fantasy 7's Barret Wallace), which isn't surprising considering her gritty background.

For instance, Frey's potty mouth can be heard during combat encounters, childish banter with Cuff or when she finds herself in a sticky situation. 

9. How Old Is She?

Frey is 20 years old in Forspoken, however her birthday occurs moments before she is transported into Athia, technically making her 21 years old. For her age Frey can be immature, however she has a good head on her shoulders.  

10. Parkour Queen

Athia is a massive world which stretches for miles, however lucky for Frey's feet, she is able to utilize magic Parkour at her beg and call, which allows the young heroine to travel between areas in a short distance.

Not only that, but this dependable ability can also be used to travel across water, float from tall heights and dodge vicious enemy attacks in battle.

Forspoken releases the 24th January 2023 on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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