How old is Franklin in GTA 5? All You Need To Know

how old is Franklin in gta 5

Introduced in Grand Theft Auto V as one of the main characters in Rockstar Games' biggest hit yet, Franklin Clinton (who is voiced by Shawn Fonteno) is a young hustler trying to escape the hood and make something of himself.

Out of the three playable GTA 5 protagonists, Franklin is evidently the youngest, with the other two characters in the game, Michael De Santa and Trevor (to a lesser extent), treating him as a mentee. But how exactly old is the reformed gangster?

Grand Theft Auto 5 takes place during the year 2013 in the city of Los Santos, San Andreas, and while his date of birth is never mentioned in-game, his car license plate gives fans an insight on the year he was presumably born.

how old is franklin in gta 5
Franklin's Car License Plate in Grand Theft Auto 5

The key evidence that Franklin was born in 1988 is displayed on his car's personalised number plate, which reads "FC1988." The FC portion of the license plate being his initials, and 1988 being his possible birth year. 

But the question remains, how old is Franklin in GTA 5? Well as already stated, the game canonically takes place in 2013 and Franklin's car license plate evidently reveals his date of birth, which is 1988. Which means Franklin is either 24 or 25 years old in GTA 5.

The Grand Theft Auto series in general rarely reveals the age of it's characters, especially when it comes to outright telling the player. Which is why one can only assume that Franklin was born in 1988 due to his license plate.

how old is michael in gta 5

In regards to the other two playable GTA 5 characters, Michael has two likely birth years, while Trevor's age is not known. Michael's phony tombstone (along with a Trevor tattoo) cites 1965 as his birth year, though there's been debates, he was actually born in 1968.

So fans should know that Michael is either 45 or 48 years old, while of course Franklin is 24 or 25 years old in GTA 5. This isn't farfetched either, considering how Michael takes Franklin under his wing and acts as his mentor throughout the game. 

How old is Franklin in GTA 5 online?

franklin clinton age 2022
Franklin chilling with Imani in GTA Online The Contract

GTA 5 The contract DLC which was released in February 2022, is an ambitious update to the GTA online story mode, which brings Franklin Clinton and his homies back into the fold after a long hiatus.

The story sees the natural born hustler set himself up as a "celebrity fixer" at his F. Clinton and Partner agency, as he helps the wealthy folks of Los Santos solve their "rich people" problems. Though what's most interesting is the fact that Franklin has aged.

Now fronting a mature look, Franklin looks well fed and groomed. He also has a full grown beard and no longer rocks a yee yee ass haircut.  Franklin has definitely come a long way since the last time we saw him.

Rockstar's description for The Contract states that "years" have passed since Franklin took part in the Union Depository heist with accomplices Michael, Lester, and Trevor, which explains Franklin's updated appearance, but how old is he?

Well, if the GTA 5 universe has moved accordingly with real-time, then that means Franklin is indeed in his 30s now, 32 or 33 years old to be exact. So there you have it. 

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