Top 25 Black Cartoon Characters of All Time

Let's show appreciation to the most memorable Black cartoon characters to ever exist. You probably grow up with these animated characters or simply know off them, but the best of the best are all here. 

25. Little Bill

Little Bill who is a fictionalized version of Bill Cosby's son is an inquisitive child who taps into his imagination to conjure up real life scenarios. Along the way he learns valuable lessons from his close knit family and friends from preschool. 

Created: 1999
Creators: Bill Cosby
Voice: Xavier Pritchett

24. Young Justice - Aqualad 

While Kaldar went through big changes, when the Aquaman mantle was passed down to him and he became a member of the Justice League. He will always be remembered for being teenaged Aqualad and one of the most prominent faces on Young Justice. 

Created: 2010
Creators: Brandon Vietti, Greg Weisman and Phil Bourassa
Voice: Khary Payton

23. Black Dynamite 

Black Dynamite's lead protagonist is a blaxploitation anti-hero vigilante who is fluent in the language of A S S kicking. He is an ex CIA agent turned pimp and black revolutionary who enjoys sticking it to The Man. 

Created: 2012
Creators: Carl Jones
Voice: Michal Jai White

22. Rick and Morty - The President 

In Rick and Morty The President is a recurring character who has a love-hate relationship with grumpster Rick. This usually means he's either calling Rick (or Morty) to save America from various threats, or to be locked up and killed.

Created: 2015
Creators: Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon
Voice: Keith David

21. The Simpsons - Dr Hibbert 

Springfield's most capable doctor was initially a parody of Bill's Cosby's character, Cliff Huxtable from The Cosby Show. Dr Hibbert is known to laugh at the most inappropriate times and doesn't mince his words regarding expensive medical costs.

Created: 1990
Creators: Matt Groening
Voice: Harry Shearer, Kevin Michael Richardson

20. Family Guy - Cleveland Brown 

Cleveland Brown is a slow speaking, accident-prone neighbour and close friend to Peter Griffin. Which means he's usually a willing participant of Peter's shenanigans and tomfoolery in many episodes. In 2009 Cleveland would receive his own spin-off show.

Created: 1999
Creators: Seth MacFarlane
Voice: Mike Henry, Arif Zahir

19. Teen Titans - Cyborg

The fun loving and extroverted half man half machine hero is Cyborg and one of the five founding members of Teen Titans. Although a laid back superhero, when the time calls for it he knows the deal, and often boosts the team's morale during rough patches.

Created: 1980
Creators: Marv Wolfman and George PĂ©rez.
Voice: Khary Payton

18. Drawn Together - Foxxy Love

Drawn Together's most promiscuous and ratchet character is Foxxy Love, a mystery solving tambourine player whose a parody of  Valerie Brown from Josie and the Pussycats. She is often used as a plot device to make fun of black stereotypes. 

Created: 2004
Creators: Dave Jeser; Matt Silverstein.
Voice: Cree Summer

17. Justice League - John Stewart 

Justice League was produced for Cartoon Network in 2001 and featured several iconic DC superheroes. One of them was Green Lantern corps John Stewart, a no nonsense and stern green-eyed hero equipped with a ring which gave him superhuman abilities. 

Created: 1971
Creators: Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams
Voice: Phil LaMarr

16. X-Men - Storm 

Ororo Munroe better known as Storm is an African Woman and mutant with the ability to control weather, who belongs to the X-Men. She has made appearances in several of the best Marvel animated shows to date.

Created: 1971
Creators: Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams
Voice: A lot 

15. Black Panther - T'Challa

Nowadays the king of Wakanda is mostly known for MCU movies. But in 2010 Black Panther would receive his own short-lived animated series, which revolved around him protecting his own homeland from an invasion of the man who killed his father.

Created: 1966
Creators: Stan Lee, Jack Kirby
Voice: Quite a few

14. Princess and The Frog - Tiana

Disney's first Black princess is New Orleans native and gourmet cook Tiana, who aspires to own a restaurant. Eventually, Tiana would kiss a cursed frog prince and be turned into one herself, ultimately leading to a journey which made her wildest dreams a reality.

Created: 2009
Creators:  Ron Clements and John Musker
Voice: Anika Noni Rose

13. Daria - Jodie Landon

Jodie Landon and her soulmate Mack McKenzie are the few black students attending Lawndale High School. Landon in particular is an intelligent girl and free thinker who is considered cool by her peers, however she doesn't belong to a popular girls clique.

Created: 1997
Creators: Anne D. Bernstein
Voice: Jessica Cydnee Jackson

12. The Cleveland Show - Rallo Tubbs 

As the son of Donna Tubbs and the stepchild of Cleveland Brown, Rallo is a five year old boy who acts like a teenager in a toddler's body. Well, that is until his child instincts kick in. As a cool kid with apparent hormonal issues, Rallo became an instant fan favorite. 

Created: 2009
Creators: Seth McFarlane 
Voice: Mike Henry 

11. Recess - Vince Laselle 

The most popular and athletically gifted student attending Third Street School is Vince, a tall boy who is one of six members of the Recess gang. Despite his love of sports and all things cool, Vince isn't a typical jock and is known to always do the right thing.

Created: 1997
Creators: Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere
Voice: Rickey D'Shon Collins

10. Fillmore - Cornelius Filmore

Filmore who stars in what could be best described as a spoof of popular police shows from the 1970s, is a serious bald head kid and reformed juvenile delinquent, who joins his school's Junior safety patrol team to tackle delinquency on school grounds.

Created: 2002
Creators: Scott M. Gimple
Voice: Orlando Brown 

9. Rugrats - Susie Carmichael 

The three year old was created as a foil and rival to the show's main antagonist Angelica Pickles. Susie always stands up for what's right, which includes defending the other babies when they are being bullied by Angelica. 

Created: 1991
Creators:  Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo 
Voice: Cree Summer

8. South Park - Token Black

Token Black is the only rich kid in town and his name is a play on the infamous tv tropes "Token black guy". Originally the only black kid in the show, Token is always known to stand up for himself and his rights. He's also musically gifted and a decent fighter.

Created: 1997
Creators:  Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Voice: Adrien Beard

7.  Kids Next Door - Numbuh 5 

Abilgail Lincoln aka Numbuh 5 is a chilled, streetwise and cool spy kid who is second in charge. Numbuh 5 is normally the only character to show true common sense and takes her missions seriously. She also has a tendency to speak in third person.

Created: 2002
Creators:  Thomas Edward "Tom" Warburton
Voice: Cree Summer

6. Hey Arnold - Gerald Johanssen

Arnold's best friend and right hand man is Gerald, a loyal, easy going and cool kid with hair that grows towards the heavens. Among his group of fourth-grade friends, Gerald is often the voice of reason and a realistic thinker during Arnold's optimistic plans.

Created: 1996
Creators:  Craig Michael Bartlett
Voice: Jamil Walker Smith

5. Static Shock - Virgil Hawkins

Virgil is Static, a 14 year old superhero who uses his secret identity and electromagnetic abilities (which he gained due to excessive exposure to Quantum Vapor) to keep the streets safe from other Bang Babies, who use their powers for evil.

Created: 1993
Creators:  Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, John Paul Leon, Michael Davis, Robert L. Washington III
Voice: Phil LaMarr 

4. South Park - Chef

Chef was the local elementary cafeteria worker, known for being the most knowledgeable adult in South Park. He often gave honest advice to the show's core main characters. However he was killed off after his voice actor left the show.

Created: 1997
Creators:  Matt Stone and Trey Parker
Voice: Isaac Hayes 

3. Proud Family - Penny Proud 

Proud Family's lead girl is the 14 year old Penny Proud. A girl who is embarrassed by her father and loves chilling with her friends, even though they usually get her into trouble. Despite this she always tries to listen to her parents and not cave into peer pressure.

Created: 2001
Creators:  Bruce W. Smith
Voice: Kyla Pratt

2. Boondocks - Riley Freeman

Riley is a slick eight year old who glorifies the gangster lifestyle and refers to himself as "Young Reezy" despite living in the suburb of Woodcrest. He is heavily influenced by mass media's representation of rap culture and mainly talks with poor grammar. 

Created: 2005
Creators:  Aaron McGruder
Voice: Regina King

1. Boondocks - Huey Freeman

The extremely aware and borderline militant ten year old boy is one who rarely smiles and appals the absurdities of the world in which he exists. His pessimism often sheds light on topics such as politics, religion, the media, and the plight of  Black Americans.

Created: 2005
Creators: Aaron McGruder
Voice: Regina King

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