Top 10 Best Easter Eggs in Sonic Games

sonic the hedgehog easter eggs

Throughout the years, multiple Sonic The Hedgehog games have paid homage to previous titles and other classic Sega games in the form of Easter eggs. Over a whopping 100 Sonic games have been released since the blue blur's video game debut in 1991, but here's the top 10 coolest Easter Eggs to appear in the iconic series.

10. Sonic Generations - Speed Highway signs

Sonic Generation's reimagining of Speed Highway was nothing short of amazing, as a lot of detail went into the towering buildings, highway street signs and various advertisements plastered throughout the city. Although most of these details were easy to miss when blitzing through the stage as modern Sonic.

There's no denying that Speed Highway delivers an adrenaline rush experience like no other, but if you were a player who stopped to admire the view, then at some point you'd probably notice the street signs are named after various Sonic characters in the series.

9. Sonic Adventure DX - Cream Cameo

Sonic adventure dx cream easter egg

Many fans feel Sonic Adventure DX is a bad port which pales in comparison to the Sega Dreamcast version from 1998. Yet an interesting Easter egg which was absent from it's predecessor is the easy to miss cameo of Cream The Rabbit, who first appears after you beat the Casinopolis stage as Sonic.

 On Several occasions in the game's story mode, Cream can be spotted randomly flying through the air after some cutscenes. Though outside of this subtle nod to Sonic Advance fans, Cream serves her purpose, as she isn't playable or able to interact with. 

8. Sonic Heroes - Rouge wink

Majority of the Sonic characters have innocent and family-friendly designs, but then there's Rouge the Bat. The treasure hunter has gained a reputation for being one of most controversial characters in the series, due to her provocative "bad girl" image and suggestive mannerisms. 

Which is why her eye winking Easter egg in Sonic Heroes was more than fitting. If you go into first-person mode and focus the camera on Rouge, she will turn her head towards the player and wink at them in a rather unsettling manner. 

7. Sonic Adventure 2 - Big The Cat

Unlike the first game, Big The Cat would lose his privileges of being a playable character in the main story of Sonic Adventure 2. Although the purple cat didn't make the cut, all was not lost, as he would instead make a cameo appearance.

If you look around hard enough you'll spot Big hiding in various stages, including certain cutscenes, literally doing his own thing, as Sonic and co save the world. It's these moments where Big The Cat's character truly shines as he's found in some truly bizarre places, like behind locked bars and in outer space. 

6. Sonic Generations - Sonic Adventure pose

Modern Sonic proves he is way past cool with every game appearance he makes, but what's even cooler is the Easter egg which brings the famous and symbolic Sonic Adventure cover art pose to life through performing a freestyle trick, courtesy of yours truly.

In Sonic Generations, when modern Sonic completes a mid-air trick, he will sometimes strike a pose which is identical to  his "Sonic Adventure" cover art. 

5. Sonic Adventure - Sonic taking a shower

In the Casinopolis stage in Sonic Adventure there's a shower room , but it's not only for show, as Sonic can actually take a hot shower by walking into a stall, where he'll begin scrubbing himself off as the steam shrouds him.

Now you're probably wondering why the casino has a shower room, but it all makes sense when you realise that the gambling establishment automatically drops losing punters into the large garbage dump built underneath the casino. (That's definitely a lawsuit waiting to happen).

4. Sonic Unleashed - Sega Dreamcast 

In the opening cutscene for Sonic Unleashed, watch very carefully when Dr Eggman menacingly throws his hand up to press a button, as you can see a certain beloved game console inside his pod.

Not only does he have a Sega Dreamcast in his possession, but the mad scientist also has a copy of Nights: Journey of Dreams, a Nintendo Wii game, which for some reason is in a regular crystal case, along with a copy of Sonic Adventure with HIM on the cover in place of Sonic. 

3. Sonic Generations - Mighty and Ray

Mighty and Ray first appeared alongside Sonic in the 1993 arcade exclusive title SEGASonic the Hedgehog. Though over the years, the duo has widely been forgotten and barely acknowledged by Sonic Team's development.

The only recent official reference of the two characters before their playable inclusion in Sonic Mania Plus was in Sonic Generations (2011), where their headshots featured in a ‘Missing’ poster Easter egg in the City Escape stage. So although Sonic Team are well aware of Ray and Mighty's existence, it's clearly intentional that little has been done with them in the mainline game series.

2. Sonic CD - "I'm outta here"

sonic cd i'm outta here

Time is of the essence in Sonic CD because if you idle around long enough, the blue hedgehog will literally jump off the stage in which he appears to commit suicide (or call it a day), following the phrase "I'm outta here." along with the creepy game over theme. 

If Sonic jumping straight into the deepest layers of hell doesn't unnerve you then his consequences surely will, as this means Sonic is dead, which means Dr Eggman wins. The game is most likely laughing at you too. 

1. Sonic Mania - Mean Bean Machine

sonic mean bean machine

Mean bean machine didn't exactly set the world on fire when it was released in 1993, but it makes for a really fun easter egg in Sonic Mania. Located in Chemical Plant Act 2 as a boss battle, the unique fight with Dr Eggman pays a homage to a truly random spin-off from back in the day.

In the fun boss fight with Dr Eggman, players are dropped into a Puyo Puyo style minigame in a a.i fight with the evil scientist. The game isn't too hard, but the duel goes on for long enough to take in exactly what you're playing, before getting the dub and moving onto the next stage.

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