10 video game characters with the best drip

fashionable video game characters

Video Games often imitate real life and that includes fashion. There are dozens of stylish video game characters who have graced our screens over the years, but when it comes right down to it, which video game character has the most drip?

The term and slang "Drip" was popularized by hip-hop culture and refers to a person's sense of style, such as their expensive clothes and the jewellery they wear, or the entire demeanor someone has when they step into a room.  It's a variation of 'Swag'. 

Devianna Moore from MSU summed up the word precisely in 2018, she said, "It is not to be confused with being drenched with water, but drenched in “swag.” To have so much swag that you have “juice” or “sauce,” so much that you’re dripping."

There are plenty of characters in video games that qualify, but here's the best of the best.

10. PaRappa The Rapper 

parappa the rapper  beanie

PaRappa possesses as much swag as you would expect from a rapping dog created in the mid 90s. Playstation's titular hero keeps it simple with his iconic beanie hat and balances out the bottom half of his fit with seriously baggy pants and giant sneakers.

His overall outfit is modest so there isn't much to say about it, but that orange beanie really pulls the whole look together. 

9. Street Of Rage 4 - Adam Hunter

video game characters with the best drip

The word "drip" and Adam hunter wouldn't belong in the same sentence if we were talking about his Streets of Rage 1 outfit from way back in the day, however Adam, who has been missing in action for nearly three decades, returned with swagger in Streets of Rage 4.

The fade haircut, the shirt suspenders, the sneakers, the striking color coordination: they all combine to create the most stylish crime fighting vigilante to step foot on the mean streets of Wood Oak City. His sunglasses are the final touch, of course, and they serve as a constant reminder of how cool he is.

8. Splatoon 2 - Marina 

tupac bandana

If there’s one thing for sure about Marina, it’s that she always makes a statement and that’s exactly what she did in her Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion outfit, which bares a striking resemblance to Tupac Shakur's timeless style.

The octoling looked so fresh, so clean when she rocked a twisted bandana on her head, accessorized with a rapper medallion chain, a skin tight sleeveless top, some skinny jeans, and barely-there strappy canvas shoes. 

7. Dead or Alive - Zack 

dennis rodman fashion

Extraordinaire DJ and Muay Thai fighter Zack has worn some seriously off-base outfits in the Dead or Alive series, which isn't surprising when you realize he is modelled after eccentric NBA hall of famer Dennis Rodman. But when he isn't wearing weird costumes, Zack showcases a style that’s shifts gears from look-at-me to quietly confident.

6. GTA Vice City - Lance Vance 

black 80s fashion

Bright colors often call for a big personality and there’s no one better to pull off that challenge than the well dressed and charismatic 80s cocaine dealer, Lance Vance. 

In Vice City, he is always seen wearing a savvy white soiree suit with a purple shirt and gold chain. While his artwork shows him wearing a light-purple suit and black shirt. As a big time player in the drug game, Lance was clearly spending a good portion of his cokeboy dough on a stylish wardrobe.

5. King of Fighters - Lucky Glauber

90s basketball fashion

Lucky Glauber and the American Sports Team maybe considered a joke in the King of Fighters franchise, but his fashion sense is not, because this baller is absolutely fresh to death.

From fresh bomber jackets to hoodies, coupled with high top sneakers and a neon purple snapback cap worn backwards, Lucky always seems to be having fun while looking cool.

4. Arms - Twintelle 

most stylish women

Nintendo broke the internet when they unveiled Twintelle's design in 2017, and it wasn't wasn't hard to see why. In addition to having some killer curves, as an A-lister in Arms, Twintelle is simply dressed to impress, while wearing clothes from her very own fashion line.

Wearing stylish black leather look leggings, a chic high neck sleeveless top and strappy high heels while lavishly dripping in gold, is why Twintelle is one of the most fashionable video game characters ever created.

3. Tekken 7 - Leroy Smith

old man fashion

Tekken newcomer Leroy is a master of the finishing touch, and his personal style can be summarized like so: He has a penchant for dragon printed kung fu jackets, which he styles with flashy gold chains, designer dress shoes and a pair of cool sunglasses.

A man tends to look his best in a well-cut suit, and this is no different even for the wing chun master. Leroy packs a punch in his tailored suit which he accessorises with a top hat and rapper gold rope chain. We also can't forget that sturdy pimp cane he carries around.

2. Tekken - Eddy Gordo

brazilian fashion

Eddy Gordo is a fighting game character who helped popularize the Brazilian capoeira martial arts with his explosive fighting style, but aside from that, he is also one of the most stylish fighters to grace Tekken. With regards to his outfit choices, he doesn't miss the mark and loves to mix it up. 

As the versatile dresser Eddy is, he can opt for sleeveless tops, baggy shorts and fresh sneakers, or he can smarten up with a extravagant shirt or jacket with leather pants. He is also fond of gold chains, rings and designer sunglasses, which enhance his style.

1. Mafia 3 - Lincoln Clay

gangster fashion

As a criminal mastermind in New Bordeaux, Louisiana in the 60s, Clay dresses to look good. Lincoln looks more like a successful businessman than a ruthless kingpin, as he walks the streets of New Bordeaux, but his outfits have enough character, that he would stand out just enough to peg him as a sharp guy who knows what he’s doing.

Wherever Lincoln is, he is always dressed to wow the crowds. Whether he is wearing his famous three piece suit, completed with handkerchief and tie, sporting an all denim look, or donning a flat cap hat with a fashionable fitted t-shirt, he always looks like he means business.

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