10 interesting facts about Street Fighter Kimberly

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Kimberly is the new kid on the block in Street Fighter 6, but don't be fooled by her innocent appearance or carefree attitude because this enthusiastic and nimble ninja packs a serious punch. Here are 10 things you should know about her.

1. The Student of Guy

The ninja prodigy learnt her Bushin form of Ninjutsu from the very best. Her teacher is none other than Final Fight's Guy, a notable master of Bushinryu. As such, Kimberly borrows many of Guy's best moves

However, she also adds a fresh twist to the traditional ninja techniques by incorporating various unconventional methods, like stocking up on modified spray cans and using them as shuriken bombs or spraying her dazed opponents with graffiti.  

2. An 80s Lover

There's a valid reason why Kimberly is carrying around a portable cassette player instead of a reimagined iPod, and it has naught to do with the game's timespan. Kimberly is actually a girl whose infatuated with 1980s pop culture.

Less subtle hints of Kimberly's '80s obsession, lies in her fashion sense which is slightly influenced by the era. For instance, she wears red converse high tops on her feet and rocks a frilly bow headband, two styles that defined the 80s.

3. A Sneakerhead 

In similar fashion to her teacher Guy and several Street Fighter characters, Kimberly wears stylish sneakers. This is naturally to move quicker on her feet during combat. Though a more specific reason is because she's a sneakerhead at heart.

In her official bio, it states one of the things Kimberly has an affinity for is sneakers. This is evident too, as she fashionably has on replicas of the red converse all star.

Street Fighter kimberly

4. Ordinary upbringing

Despite her extremely ambitious goal to become a ninja, prior to this life changing experience, she was just a typical normal girl raised in an average household. Kimberly would also graduate college, which is possibly the reason for her fondness of big numbers.

Street Fighter 6's director revealed that she also excels in sports like track and field, and was once even a cheerleader. This is greatly reflected during her 5 different cheerleading parry poses, as he dodges her opponent's attacks.

5. Her theme is a tribute 

Many will agree that Kimberly's Street Fighter 6 theme song is quite befitting of a spunky fighter such as herself. However did you know, it's also a remix to a classic song from Final Fight?

If you listen closely, the chipmunk infused beat pays homage to the first stage in 1989s Final Fight. However this shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering her close connection to Guy, who features as one of the game's protagonists.

 6. Who's she listening to?

As a girl who's obsessed with '80s pop culture, many would assume she's listening to the greatest musicians of the eighties like Michael Jackson or Chaka Khan. Yet since Street Fighter relies on it's own lore and verse, that's unlikely.

The only famous musician and recording artist who exists in the Street Fighter universe is the Jamaican kick boxer Dee Jay, who made his 1993 debut in Street Fighter 2. What's more, his music billboard ad can be seen in Street Fighter 6's Metro City.

7. Two for one

Speaking of which, during a fight when two Kimberly players activate their level 3 Super Art moves at the same time, it unlocks the secret lyrics to her theme song. Now just how cool is that?

street fighter 6 Kimberly versus screen

8. Kimberly's uncle  

Kimberly has a uncle in the lore of Street Fighter whose identify is shrouded in mystery. During her win quote interaction with Ken Masters in Street Fighter 6, she says to him..

 ("Mr. Masters, Can I...Ask you about my uncle?") in which he suspiciously responds ("It's time to drop the spy kid routine. You don't want to dig any deeper into this").

9. The first 

Street Fighter has existed for well over 30 years and introduced countless characters, so you may be surprise to learn that Kimberly's inclusion marks the arrival of the series' first playable Black female American character.

So while the boxer character Balrog is the first playable Black American fighter, and Street Fighter 3's Elena is the first playable Black female character, Kimberly is the first Black woman from North America who has been playable.

However she wasn't the first Black female character from USA to appear in the series, as that would be the obscure non-playable character, Fair Libre from Street Fighter 3.

10. Handled With Care

When Capcom created Kimberly, they wanted her to be as real and authentic as possible, to avoid character mishandling like Sean for example. This led to the development team hiring consultants and speaking with Black employees within the company when designing her.

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