Fire Emblem Engage marks a milestone with Timerra and Fogato

Fire emblem engage characters Timerra and Fotago are dripping melanin. 

Fire Emblem Engage timerra
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Nintendo's Fire Emblem Engage brings dark skin characters back into the fold in what seems like forever. Yeah.. It's been a while.

This time Nintendo's strategy RPG centres around the arcane Divine Dragon, while also allowing players to summon older characters from previous Fire Emblem games' glorified past.

Amidst the jam-packed and colourful cast of Fire Emblem Engage are two strikingly dark-skinned characters hailing from a stronghold desert kingdom.

Here's a little history lesson, the first black character to appear in a Fire Emblem game was the kooky yet kind natured spear warrior Devdan from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance in 2005.

 The last time black characters appeared in the series was Fire Emblem Awakening (2011)

Meanwhile the last time black characters appeared in the series was Fire Emblem Awakening (2011) with the addition of Basilio, a dark skinned bald head man and ruling khan with an eyepatch, who some fans likened to Nick Fury.

To a lesser extent there was also his frenemy Flavia, a fearless warrior with blonde locks and caramel skin who would later succeed him as ruling khan in Ferox. 

Since then there hasn't been any notable melanated people who have appeared in the series as playable characters, until now. 

Enter Timerra and Fogato, a pair of royal siblings from the desert realm of Solm, which is located in the southern eastern part of the Continent in Elyos. Solm is a neutral country governed by their mother Queen Suforia, a ruler who cherishes freedom.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Fire Emblem characters. 


As the Crown Princess of Solm, Timerra comes across as an highly energetic and somewhat naive princess with a jovial disposition. This is no doubt because she was raised in a freedom-centric nation.

Despite her high social status as a royal daughter, Timerra is an extremely sociable and happy-go-lucky individual who can hold a conversation with anyone, regardless of class or creed.

She also relishes the simpler things in life like relaxing around campfires and cheerily singing campy songs, which are often made up on the spot.

Gameplay wise, Timerra's starting class is Sentinel and she wields a spear with exceptional skill, as the heroine mercilessly overpowers foes with fleeting movements.


The fresh First Prince of Solm and younger sibling of Timerra is Fogato, a starry-eyed and upbeat young man who has a subtle, light personality to go along with a bright smile.

Due to Timerra being born as heir to the throne, he grew up with more freedom than his older sister. Regardless they share a close bond.

In battle, Fogato's initial class is Sentinel and he a proficient mounted archer who takes down enemies in style.


It feels like forever since Nintendo added dark skinned characters to the Fire Emblem franchise, and with the wave of new Black Nintendo characters appearing in games, it felt odd that newer Fire Emblem games had none.

However Fire Emblem Engage has broken the curse at long last with the inclusion of Timerra and her younger brother Fogato, who are characters literally dripping in melanin. 

Fire Emblem Engage release date is 20 January 2023.

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