All The Black Mortal Kombat Characters In The Series, Ranked

black mortal kombat characters

 The Mortal Kombat series features one of the most racially diverse fighting game rosters of all time, and that's due to it's rainbow cast of iron clad fighters, which include several iconic Black fighting game characters. 

Today we rank all the playable Black Mortal Kombat characters who have appeared in the games since 1993. Ranking them from worst to the best in terms of their design, story and etc.

 If there's a character you feel is missing from this list then voice your opinion in the comments section below, and no Noob Saibot and Erron Black doesn't count.


Jataaka had the misfortune of appearing in what most critics call the worst video game ever.  In Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub-Zero, she is a sub-boss and owes allegiance to Quan Chi and his cult, the Brotherhood of Shadow.

Jataaka is equipped with a laser sword which she is able to shoot blue bolts of energy from. It's implied in Sareena's bio from Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition, that her human form is a facade and she is actually a demon in disguise. 


Making his debut in Mortal Kombat 4, Kai is essentially a Black Liu Kang which isn't farfetched when you take into account that he is also a shaolin monk and was trained by Liu Kang himself.

As Earthrealm's warrior and a Member of the White Lotus Society, Kai is a skilled martial artist with quick feet and fire abilities. Although Kai is one of the most forgotten Mortal Kombat characters of all time, at one point he had enough story relevance to be gifted Raiden's staff.


Sharing a resemblance to Marvel Blade and wielding large bladed gauntlets, Darrius is a native Seido who leads a resistance group in Orderrealm, with ambitions to overthrow an oppressive regime and liberate his home world.

To his allies, along with the patriots of Seido, Darrius is a freedom fighter, revolutionary and prophet. To his enemies and outsiders however, he is simply a terrorist and goon. His first appearance was in Mortal Kombat: Deception.


Appearing as one of the new Mortal Kombat characters in Mortal Kombat 11, Geras is a hulking immortal, artificial being (created by Kronika) who is able to manipulate time at the snap of a finger. His face model is Brandon Green.

Originally a villain in MK11's story mode, in the rebooted timeline of Mortal Kombat 1 he is remodelled by Fire God Liu Kang and one of two Keepers of Time, tasked with watching over the timelines and New Era.


Debuting in Mortal Kombat 3, for years it was accepted that Cyrax was nothing more than a faceless cybernetic ninja constructed in some mad scientist's lab. However in Mortal Kombat (2011), the game gave him the human identify of a young, brash African man.

Jacqui Briggs 

As the daughter of Jax, Cassie Cage's best friend and one of the Kombat Kids who debuted in Mortal Kombat X, Jacqui Briggs is a professional kickboxer who joins the Earthrealm special forces to protect her home planet. 

Following in the footsteps of her father, she also bares mechanical powered gauntlets on both her arms, reminiscent of Jax.


Debuting in Mortal Kombat 4, Tanya was introduced as a 'good girl turned bad from Edenia who would sell someone's soul for the right price.

Throughout the series she has played the role of a minor antagonist, aligning with several of the major villains including Quan Chi and Mileena. After a long playable absence she returned in Mortal Kombat 1 with a gorgeous new look and of the best video game designs in recent years.


First debuting in Mortal Kombat 2 in 1993, Jax is a cybernetically-enhanced soldier and the first black Mortal Kombat character to appear in the series. He's also a loving video game dad, starred in his own game and is an iconic video game character with popular appeal.

He was also given the best and most bold ending in Mortal Kombat 11, a cinematic sequence which sees Jax rewrite history and end the trans-Atlantic slave trade before it has a chance to begin.

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