Tanya returns for Mortal Kombat 1 roster with a new look

mortal kombat 1 tanya

NetherRealm Studios revealed a new trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 at the San Diego Comic Con 2023 which sees Tanya return as a playable character after eight long years.

The last time that Tanya was playable was Mortal Kombat 10 as DLC, and she would later make a brief cameo in Mileena's MK11 ending. 

In Mortal Kombat 1, which is the series' second reboot, not only does Tanya have a new look but her lore has changed dramatically since her debut in Mortal Kombat 4. 

New appearance

With more recognizable Black features, Tanya has a unique look in Mortal Kombat 1 which helps her to stand out compared to the other guardians.  

 Ditching the signature straight bob hairstyle with a bang, Tanya now sports long braids which reach her shoulders. This is the first time she has been given textured hair, unless you count her ponytail in Mortal Kombat 4.

She has normal eye pupils again, unlike her previous appearances were she was given white eyes. While ethnically Edenia, the dark brown eyes give her a more humanoid appearance and is a throwback to MK4.

Tanya's warrior outfit which is quite befitting of a bodyguard and has her signature yellow and grey theme, appears to take inspiration from the Wakanda female warriors outfits in Black Panther, though this may just be a coincidence. 

Quiet literally, this is the closet she has looked to the original Tanya since Mortal Kombat 4.

Voice actress and face model

Tanya's voice actress is Cherise Booth, who is the voice of Sojourn in Overwatch 2. Meanwhile Tanya's face model is the gorgeous LA model Sydney Cross.

 New lore

In Tanya's official bio it states that she is Guardian of Outworld's Royal family. She was chosen as a child from Outworld's first-born daughters and brought up by Umgadi's priestesses. In this timeline Tanya has never known her birth parents. 

As she got older and saw other initiates flame out, Tanya feared she would meet their fate, but that fear goaded success, allowing her to eventually pass her trials and become a full Umgadi. 

A little fun fact,  Umgadi is an African Zulu word which means sentry, guardian or invigilator.

In due course, Tanya became one of the order's most trustworthy members and she was the clear choice when it needed to select a new leader for the royal family's personal guard. 

Mileena x Tanya

As an Umgadi, she is sworn to righteousness and celibacy, which is why her 'bond' with Mileena, were it exposed to the public, would create a scandal. By following her heart, Tanya jeopardises not only her position but also her life.  

"which is why her 'bond' with Mileena, were it exposed to the public, would create a scandal."

So after all the flirty banter in Mortal Kombat X, it appears that Tanya and Mileena are actually a thing. As stated in her bio which hints that the princess and her bodyguard are in a secret, forbidden relationship.

This is subtly shown in the trailer, when Mileena shows symptoms of the Tarkatan disease. Tanya is quick to her side to comfort the princess who reacts submissively despite being a sociopathic killer.

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