10 Video Games with Black Protagonists You Can Play

games with black protagonists

Here are ten good video games which feature playable black video game protagonists you can play as from start to finish. Please note this list does not adhere to the one drop rule.

10. Streets of Rage 4 - Adam Hunter

The beat 'em up Streets Of Rage 4 features crime fighting vigilante Adam Hunter who brawls on the mean streets of Wood Oak City to take back the city from organized criminals. 

Not only does Adam return after a long playable hiatus, but he is joined by his daughter Cherry Hunter who replaces her uncle Skate as the light and fastest fighter.

9. The Gunk - Rani

The Gunk is a sci-fi action adventure game which stars Rani, a cocksure scavenger who finds herself on an alien planet infested by slime-like parasite called the gunk, which is causing harm to the planet and it's species. 

Equipped with a power glove, Rani makes it her mission to eradicate the invasive gunk as well as line her pockets with treasure. Once the gunk is cleaned up, she can scan her surroundings to learn more about the world.

8. Final Fantasy VII Remake - Barret Wallace

black video game characters

The Japanese roleplaying game Final Fantasy VII Remake includes Avalanche leader Barret Wallace, a loudmouthed, hot tempered yet multifaceted eco-terrorist hellbent on saving the planet.

With a gun for an arm, a foul mouth and slight resemblance to Mr T, he most definitely is an unforgettable character who grows on the player.

7. Prototype 2 - James Heller 

Prototype 2 is an open world action game which stars the tragic protagonist James Heller, a former U.S Marine Sergeant who seeks vengeance on Alex Mercer, the protagonist of the first game, after his family is killed by a outbreak virus caused by Mercer.

Infected by a strain of the virus that allows him to keep his humanity while granting him supernatural abilities similar to Mercer's, Heller uses this to his advantage as he attempts to stop Mercer and the Blacklight outbreak.

6. Grand Theft Auto V - Franklin 

games with black protagonist

Franklin Clinton is one of three playable main characters in GTA V, a part-time gangbanger and young hustler who wants to escape the hood so he can live life on easy mode.

Throughout the game Franklin is scheming and trying to find the next get rich scheme so he can set himself up for life and leave the gangster lifestyle behind for good.

5. Watch Dogs 2 - Marcus Holloway

Rebellious and defiant Marcus Holloway is the leading man in Watch Dogs 2. He is a hacker and member of the hacktivist group DeadSec, whose goal is to destroy CTOS 2.O, a corrupt and oppressive Central Operating System in San Francisco. 

4. The Walking Dead (Season 1) - Lee Everett 

Lee Everett is the protagonist of Telltale Walking Dead season 1, an episodic post apocalypse game which allows players to choose the character's dialogue and make major decisions. 

Convicted felon Lee has to keep his wits about him as he teams up with other survivors and attempts to keep his head above water in a post-apocalypse setting overrun with zombies and bandits.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - CJ

black video game main characters

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas stars Carl Johnson aka CJ, a charismatic and moralistic gangbanger who returns to his old city of Los Santos when his mother is clipped by a rival gang.

Along the way CJ takes control of the streets by saving his peers and restoring order to a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and police corruption

2. Deathloop - Colt

Deathloop is a first-person action game which features two assassins Colt and Juliana on the dangerous island of Blackreef. 

As Colt your mission is to stop the time loop trapping the island in an endless cycle, while being hounded by killers on the island. Meanwhile Juliana's goal is to kill Colt and keep the loop going.

1. Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry - Adéwalé

games with black main character

The action-adventure stealth game Freedom Cry follows Adéwalé, a former enslaved person turned assassin who finds himself shipwrecked in Saint-Domingue, where he bares witness to immoral slavery practices in the Caribbean. 

Using his assassin abilities and shipwright skills, the courageous Adéwalé assembles a crew to free the enslaved people and avenge them.

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