10 Celebrities You Forgot Appeared in Video games

celebrities in video games

Video game appearances have been around since the 1980s, when major celebrities like Michael Jackson, Shaquille O Neal and Mike Tyson signed deals with publishers. Thanks to a new generation of celebrities like Travis Scott and Idris Elba (Cyberpunk 2077), the tradition is stronger than ever today. 

However this is a list of popular celebrities, you probably forgot appeared in video games. 

1. Nelly in NBA Street Vol 2 

rappers in video games

Rap music and the NBA street series have always gone hand in hand, especially when it came to the game's soundtrack. However, Electronic Arts had a craze where recording artists who made music where turned into unlockable playable characters. 

Nelly only appeared in one video game, NBA Street Vol.2, which also included one of his previously unreleased tracks. 

2. Kat Williams in GTA 4

katt williams in gta 4

Players can pay a little money to watch popular stand up comedian Katt Williams perform to a live audience in GTA IV's comedy club, where his jokes are adapted for the GTA universe. 

He makes jokes for instance about working at the fast food restaurant Burger Shot in the game's universe. However the joke about Liberty City's lack of dogs and cats is a good and valid question. 

3. Shaquille O Neal in Ready 2 Rumble Round 2

Everybody and their mother knows about Shaq's infamous game from the 90s, Shaq Fu, starring the NBA legend in his own titular fighting game.

However not as many people know that he also appeared as himself in the cult classic boxing game ready 2 rumble round 2 as a secret character. 

4. Will smith in NBA Jam

Adding novity characters became NBA Jam's unwritten selling point, and with each release another bizarre name was added to the game's roster. One of those being Will Smith's onscreen persona, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. 

5. Omar Epps in Def Jam Fight for NY

Omar Epps is an actor who has built a career that's lasted more than three decades, and shows no sign of slowing down with him recently joining the Raising Kanan cast.

Besides movie roles, Omar Epp also appeared in the video game Def Jam Fight for NY as himself. Although his game counterpart hardly looks like him, Omar's voice is recognizable.

6. Keith David in Saints Row 4

Throughout his career the legendary voice actor has played a multitude of characters, but you probably forgot he actually appeared as himself in Saints Row 4 as the vice president.

7. ASAP Rocky in Need For Speed Unbound

rappers in video games

ASAP Rocky made his first physical video game appearance in Need For Speed Unbound, providing his likeness and personality as a non-playable character.

8. Michael K. Williams in Battlefield 

Michael K. Williams gave his likeness and voice to the character Kimble “Irish” Graves in Battlefield 4. RIP.

9. Kano in Def Jam Icon

Nowadays Kane Robinson aka Kano is mostly known for his portrayal as Sully in the Hackney crime drama Top Boy, but he started his humble beginnings as a rapper/mc from East London who went on to sign with Def Jam Island. 

Kano signing with Def Jam Island during this time allowed him to join the fighting game roster of Def Jam Icon as a featured fighter and playable character. 

10. Anthony Joshua in FIFA 

British professional boxer Anthony Joshua isn't exactly known for his footie skills, however that didn't stop EA from adding him to FIFA 21 as a playable character.

He would also be given a cameo role in FIFA 22 Story mode alongside Lewis Hamilton, although neither actually speak.

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