10 Things You Didn't Know About Def Jam Fight For NY

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Def Jam Fight for NY is a legendary fighting game that has stood the test of time, despite releasing in 2004 and mostly being known as a gimmick game about rappers fighting each other. 

Fight for New York attracts a lot of attention, but only die-hard fans know some things. Here are 10 things about the game that are known only to a select few.

1. Cut fighters 

At least five fighters were suppose to appear in FFNY but were cut late in development, this included the likes of DMX, LL Cool J, Kurrupt, Kelis and S-Word.

2. Cut Tupac and Biggie music

Two iconic rap songs were gonna be included in the game's soundtrack but never made the final cut. This included the songs Holler if Ya Me by Tupac and Hypnotize by Notorious B.I.G.

3. Real Life Locations

Only two stages in the game are based on real life locations. This includes 125th Street Station and Hunt's Point Scrapyard. Meanwhile the stage select screen in story mode is a real map of New York City.

4. Crazy Legs 

Crazy reportedly did his own motion capture for his move-set and tried unsuccessfully to create his own blazin move. Although his motion captured moveset is still present in the game, his finisher was hand animated.  

5. Beta D-Mob

D-Mob almost had a completely different look in Fight for NY, which saw the Suge Knight knock off sporting a beard and new face, however this design was scrapped and he retained his original appearance from Def Jam Vendetta.

6. Console differences 

In story mode Method Man and Sticky Fingerz can be seen playing the game itself, however the console is different depending on the platform the player is using.

For instance on the PlayStation 2 version they will be playing with PS2 controllers and on the Gamecube then can be seen with a Gamecube pad.

7.  A prequel on PSP

The game was followed with a prequel on the PSP called Def Jam Fight For NY The Takeover. While it featured a new storyline, most of the characters and elements were borrowed from it's predecessor. 

8.  Tupac Look alike

The scrawny fighter Pockets was given an updated look in Fight for NY which gave him an uncanny resemblance to Tupac Shakur.

9 Creative Input 

All  of the real life people who featured in the game were given creative inputs for their finishing moves.

10. Chain glitch

In story mode if you skip the storyline cutscene where Method Man takes away your character's chain given to them by D-Mob, then they can still be seen wearing it during the fight with Redman. 

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