Top 10 Criminally Underrated PS1 games

underrated ps1 games

 The PlayStation 1 released in 1994 and was discontinued on 23 March 2006. In that time over 4000 games were released for the console. With that said, it's not surprising that many games fell under the radar.

This list includes several hidden gems on the PS1 which are worth a play. Most of these games weren't very popular, were harshly criticized by critics upon their release and are relatively unknown.

10. Kirikou 

Based on an animated film with the same name, Kirikou is side scrolling platformer game set in Africa. Which places you in the hands of Kirikou, a baby warrior who has to save his village from an evil sorceress, who has cursed all the male villagers.

Although it has typical platforming gameplay, Kirikou boasts a unique world in sub Saharan Africa, along with fun yet challenging gameplay that tests your wits. 

9. Space Jam 

One of the only PS1 basketball games to include Michael Jordan was Space Jam, a simple yet fun arcade style game reminiscence of NBA Jam.The only difference is this game featured MJ, The Tune Squad and their rivals The Monstars.

 Along with addictive court play action, the game also included several mini-games between quarters to blow off steam and get the upper hand in matches.

8. 1 on 1 

ps1 basketball games

`The only basketball fighting game hybrid to exist is an obscure Japanese exclusive game called 1 on 1 which combines the elements of street ball with a 3D Fighting game. 

1 on 1 isn't your typical basketball game and feels more a game of rock paper and scissors than  simulation, however it's quite fun when you get a hang of the controls. 

Fun fact, it also features characters designed by Japanese Manga artist Takehiko Inoue, most notable for his work on the 90s hit manga Slam Dunk.

7. Rollcage

Rollcage is a futuristic high speed racer featuring four wheeled vehicle that drive on walls and wreck everything in their path.

Often compared to the Wipeout series due to it's high speed races and futuristic setting, Rollcage is an entirely different beast that allows players to drive on walls and fire ballistic weapons for pure carnage. Better yet this is Mario Kart for adults.

6. Wu-tang Shaolin Style 

Featuring the rap supergroup from Staten Island, Wutang Shaolin Style is a mature fighting game where Hip hop meets Mortal Kombat.  

The story revolves around the Wu-tang clan having to fight their way through the streets of New York all the way to China to save their master from a deadly adversity. Taking a page out of Mortal Kombat's playbook, it's one of the most mature fighting games of all time.

5. Tai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger

Before Kung fu Panda, there was Tai Fu Wrath of the Tiger, an action platformer game created by the animated studio Dreamworks. 

The game follows Tai Fu, a tiger who is efficient in martial arts and is supposedly the last of his kind. On his journey he has to enact revenge on the Dragon King and discover himself.

It's a typical revenge story, but where Wrath of the Tiger shines most is it's fun and rewarding beat em up gameplay, along with some decent platforming prowess.

4. Tomba 2

underrated playstation games

One of the weirdest video games is Tomba 2, an offbeat adventure platformer which features a pink haired feral boy who has to rescue his girlfriend from evil pigs. 

Besides platforming, the game's bread and butter is helping people with unusual tasks and this comes in the form of a variety of random quests. Ranging from putting out a house fire to giving a thirsty person something to drink.

3. Legend of Legaia 

Legend of Legaia is something of a horror rpg which features one of the most satisfying and unique fighting systems to ever appear in a rpg. 

The story is about an evil mist which is plaguing a land and turning people who possess Seru creatures into monsters. Thankfully a trio of young heroes step up to the plate and attempt to save their world, but regardless of their efforts, there is a lot of fated grief, anxiety and betrayal.

2. Urban Chaos 

The spiritual successor to GTA 3 is Urban Chaos, a game ahead of it time which pretty much allowed players to do anything within it's crime ridden city. 

Urban Chaos follows D'arci, a rookie cop who has to clean up the mean streets of Union City. Like Grand Theft Auto 3, the game has missions, crude comedy and the freedom to do pretty much anything in a semi-open environment. 

1. Akuji The Heartless

ps1 hidden gems

One of the most slept on games on the PS1 is Akuji the Heartless, an action platformer game which features a voodoo priest and great warrior who has to escape an underworld he was sent to by his traitorous brother. 

Akuji still holds up till this day with supreme platforming and fighting prowess, a solid story line that opens up the motives and lore of the character and a relentlessly dark tone that never lets up. Fun fact, Akuji was voiced by the late Richard Roundtree, better known as Shaft. 

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