Top 10 Best Black Female skins in Fortnite, Ranked

black female fortnite skins

It's Women's history month so let's highlight the best Black female skins to appear in Fortnite Battle Royale thus far.

A little fact about Fortnite, Recon Expert was one of the first Black Fortnite female skins released (in October 2017), and since then the game's character designs have come a long way.

Most of these skins have lavish braids, melanated skin and would probably smell like cocoa butter if they were real.

Simply put, Epic games managed to inject Black girl magic into the veins of Fortnite and in turn created some stunning Black female video game characters.

10. Aniyah 

black female fortnite skins

Do you believe in magic? Aniyah is a sorceress inspired skin with a magical glowing aura and pigtail braids that reach her back. She was introduced in Season 4 Chapter 4.

9. Luxe

black female fortnite skin

This hip hop inspired skin was introduced in Season 8 and would go down in Fortnite history as the first ever Black & female Tier 100 reward. With a sassy and all gold everything design, Luxe is best described as a tomboy with a girly streak.

8. Imani 

top 10 best fortnite skins

Introduced in Chapter 4, Season 2, Imani is a sassy girl who likes to stick her tongue out and do the peace sign pose four times a day. While Imani's design is clearly influenced by anime, her hanging braids absolutely slay.

7. Kiara KO

black fortnite skins

As the beloved leader of a Resistance group, Kiara KO is a battle pass skin that was introduced in Chapter 3, Season 2. Her bright pink braids and Lara Croft inspired outfit emphasize her adventurous nature.

6. Victory Valedictorian

black fortnite characters

Purple braids on dark skin is not something you see everyday, let alone in a video game, but the victory valedictorian does so with grace. First released in chapter 4, season 2, this swanky cel-shaded skin is heavy on the anime.

5. Zuri

best fortnite skins

Released in Chapter 3, Season 2, Zuri was one of the first Fornite skins to have slick baby hairs with poetic braids. Described as an undefeated fighter with grace, this bold skin is the epitome of Black girl magic.

4. Dr Slone

black fortnite girl

One of the best Fortnite skins of all time is Dr Slone, which was released in Chapter 2, Season 7. She is a brilliant inventor who would go on to become the secondary antagonist in the Fortnite Franchise. 

3. Mazy
black fortnite skins girl

A skin that looks so fresh so clean is Mazy, which was released in Chapter 3, season 3. Resembling a E-girl streamer with autism and teen spirit, Mazy rocks the bright colors like a handful of skittles.

2. Dara

black characters fortnite

Released in chapter 5, season 1, Dara is a Fortnite skin where less is more, and her nonchalant design is befitting of her rogue status. Looking like a character straight out of a comic book, Dara manages to look like a stylish assassin.

1. Adanna Of The Deep

The most mystical character in Fortnite yet is Adanna of the deep, a gorgeous skin released in chapter 5, season 1. As someone who rules the water of the endless deep, Adanna is every bit as voodooish as she is stylish.

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