Top 5 best Black Pokemon Trainers in games, Ranked

black pokemon characters

Pokémon Black and White was the first game in the series to introduce dark skin trainers in 2011. Ironic, considering the game's title.

Unlike the previous four regions which drew inspiration from Japan, Pokemon Black and White's Unova region was based on New York City, and a new era dawned.

In turn this opened the floodgates for racially diverse trainers with varied hues and ultimately the first Black Pokémon character.

This wasn't a one and done deal either as since Generation 5 more dark skinned Pokemon characters have been introduced as Gym leaders and trainers, immensely adding to the total number of Black Nintendo characters.

Without further ado let's look at the best Black Pokemon characters to appear in the games, based on their character design, personality and all that jazz.

 (Warning: characters who are racially ambiguous or only appear in the anime won't be omitted.) 

5. Pokémon scarlet and Violet - Ryme 

black pokemon characters

The first rapper to appear in the franchise is Ryme, a rapping grandma who challenges trainers to a rap battle and isn't shy of taking shots on the mic.

As the Ghost Gym Leader of Montenevera Gym, Ryme fires up the crowd with poke battles or slick rhymes and no one is safe from her whirligig wrath. 

- She's pretty old for a rapper.

4. Pokémon Black and White - Marshal 

A dedicated black belt martial artist and the strongest member of the Unova Elite Four, Marshal is a Fighting type master who pursues strength and considers himself the apprentice of Alder, the wandering Champion of Unova.

Marshal's theme is a street fighter and tiger, according to an interview with Game Freak Illustrator Yusuke Ohmura in Nintendo Dream, and his original design included a huge hoodie and hat.

3. Pokémon Black and White - Lenora

Rocking a green afro, Lenora is the first black character introduced in the Pokémon franchise. She is the Nacrene gym leader and specializes in normal type Pokemon.

As an accomplished woman with grit and grace, when Lenora isn't battling trainers she's either studying archaeology or managing the Nacrene Museuem as the director.

2. Pokémon Sun and White - Olivia

black pokemon trainers

The stunningly gorgeous Olivia is the Kahuna of Akala Island and a member of the Alola Elite Four. Besides being noted as a Rock-type specialist, she also owns the jewelry shop in her home town of Konikoni City.

Although chosen from a young age to be kahuna, Olivia claims she is an average girl. Though people clearly see something special in her, as she was also one of the trainers approached by Professor Kukui to represent the Alola Elite Four.

1. Pokémon X and Y - Grant

A young trend setter who is highly fashionable and athletically gifted, Grant is basically the poster boy of cool. Apart from being a cool kid, more importantly he is the Cyllage City Gym Leader and specializes in Rock type Pokemon. 

According to the television show Gym Freaks, Grant is a fitness freak who sticks to a strict diet and cuts back on eating to control his weight, hence his slender appearance. He is also the first Rock Type Gym Leader not to be battled first in a region.

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