Top 10 Best GTA San Andreas characters, ranked

gta san andreas cast

Initially released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of the best video games of all time and that's largely due to the memorable and unfiltered characters which left a lasting impression on a generation of gamers.

From gangsters based on rappers to corrupt cops and unstable women, join us as we take a trip down memory lane and rank the best GTA San Andreas characters of all time. 

10. Denise Robinson

It was love at first sight when CJ ran into a burning building in Vagos gang territory to save his first love. Denise is an adrenaline junkie who loves herself a bad boy, and of course CJ fits the bill.

While Denise is content with normal dating activities such as receiving gifts or dancing the night away, she's also a ride or die chick who will happily perform a drive by shooting on the ballas gang. She is voiced by Heather Simms.

9. Mike Toreno 

CJ's shady encounters with hidden mole Toreno were the most unintentionally funny moments in the game due to his fear mongering tactics to coarse a none the wiser CJ into doing his dirty work.

Voiced by James Woods, Toreno is an undercover agent working for an unknown entity, who meddles in a lot of heinous acts in the name of the greater good.

8. Wu Zi Mu 

gta san andreas character

Wu Zi Mu is blind, however that doesn't stop him from leading the San Fierro triad gang with competency. Although a crime boss, Wu Zi Mu has a notably upbeat, chilled demeanour and never loses his cool, even in the face of danger.

After a while, he and CJ rapidly develop a wholesome relationship that allow the pair to fall back on each other during push back. James Yaegashi voices him.

7. Catalina

best female gta character

You don't want to get on the wrong side of this feisty chick or you'll end up six feet under. Catalina (voiced by Cynthia Farrell) is a misandrist femme fatale living in a man's world who hates men for being incompetent, yet always wants be in control.

A loud, disloyal and bossy woman who lives life on the edge, Catalina manipulates lover boy CJ to help her commit various crimes in the name of love and money. In the end she cuts off CJ despite clearly having feelings for him.

6. OG Loc (Jeffery Cross)

funny gta character

Voiced by Jas Anderson, OG Loc is a funny wannabe gangster who glamorises the criminal lifestyle and aspires to be a rapper, however his rhymes are wack and he lacks real street credibility. Some people believe he is a parody of the rapper Ja Rule.

5. Sweet (Sean Johnson)

Leader of the Grove Street Families and the older brother to CJ, Sweet is a hard headed, stubborn and close-minded individual who doesn't use common sense and can't see anything past his hood, however his heart is in the right place. 

Although he makes a lot of mistakes, Sweet is an old school gangster who stays loyal to his hood till the end and cares dearly for his closet homies. He is voiced by Faizon Love and shares a resemblance to the rapper Ice Cube.

4. Ryder (Lance Wilson)

ryder gta san andreas

Ryder is a high ranking member of the Grove Street Families and tolerated druggy who betrays his gang for a piece of the good life. Voiced by MC Eith, he is a hilarious instigator who constantly berates CJ about his driving skills and whose one true motivation is getting high.

Besides betraying his closet homies in a shocking turn of events, Ryder is most remembered for his striking resemblance to the late rapper Eazy E.

3. Frank Tenpenny 

It comes as no surprise that one of the most evil video game villains happens to be a corrupt police officer who abuses his power to the fullest extent. A cop who is both the law and the lawbreaker.

Voiced by the famous actor Samuel L Jackson and based on real life LAPD officer Rafael Perez, officer Tenpenny is a vile, sadistic and impulsive thug with a badge who runs the gangs of Los Santos. He is the main antagonist in the game and the arch nemesis of CJ.

2. Big Smoke (Melvin Harris)

It's usually the ones you least expect and that's the case with Big Smoke, a high ranking member of the Grove Street Families who sells out his day ones for money, power and fame.

Big Smoke's transformation from a funny, cheerful and philosophical gangster with a humongous appetite to the biggest drug lord in the game is one of the best plot twists in video games. He is voiced by veteran actor Clifton Powell.

1. CJ (Carl Johnson)

best gta protagonist

The star of GTA San Andreas is a charismatic and rational goon who surely needs no introduction unless you've been living under a rock, because CJ is one of the most popular video game characters of all time.

More than just a trigger-happy criminal with no end goal, CJ is a complex and multifaceted character from the hood, whose rag to rich story finds him transform from a notorious street thug to a successful rich businessman by the end of the game.

 He is voiced by the LA rapper Young Maylay who is largely responsible for the character's charismatic appeal, popularity and authenticity. 

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