Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ryme, the Gym Leader who raps

The Montenevera Gym leader in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet challenges you to a rap battle.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Montenevera gym leader Ryme
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Pokemon games has featured many memorable Pokemon gym leaders throughout the years, but Pokemon Scarlet and Violet marks the first time a gym leader challenges trainers to a rap battle.

The character in question is an elderly woman called Ryme (cool pun huh?) who is a gym leader at Montenevera's gym and specializes in Ghost-Type Pokemon. She's also the younger sister of Tyme, the Naranja academy’s mathematics teacher.

In Paldea region, she is a renown rapper with music that tops the charts and can be found in Montenevera Ghost Gym. Though not before battling several enthusiastic trainers.

Once you reach her, in a cutscene she is seen battling a cocksure pro cashier who challenges her to a rap battle, only to lose in humiliating defeat as the rapping grandma sends them running home.

She becomes irritated when her opponent flees in shame, which shows Ryme hasn't faced any real competition in regards to her rap career. Fun fact, Ryme is also known as the MC of RIP.

"Ryme is also known as the MC of RIP"

When the player approaches her, she gives them the option of either facing her in a rap battle or Gym battle if you happen to choose. Yes you read that correctly.

As a rap star, naturally her attire is reminiscent of hip hop fashion. Most notably the backwards baseball cap, large chain around her neck, and her gold encrusted microphone.

She also sports a black leather jacket and figure hugging polo dress along with some gold kicks. Though perhaps Ryme's most unique feature (besides her green eyes) is her long natural locs hairstyle which gracefully hangs down to her hips. 

pokemon scarlet and violet gym leaders ryme
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With that said Ryme is the series' coolest old lady, which begs the question, is her favorite color green and was she by any chance inspired by hip-hop's first lady Queen Latifa or Missy Elliot?

On the other hand the decision to make Ryme an old female rapper was an odd decision, considering that many feel rap is a young man's game. However she does grow on you, even if her rap freestyles are borderline cringe.

There's no denying that Ryme is a cool old lady, but it's still baffling why Game Freak didn't consider making her younger, because a rapping grandma kind of feels unpalatable. And it doesn't help that her lyrics are half baked at best.  

Character rating: ★★★✰✰

Conquer Montenevera Gym

Monenevera is located in the snowy region in the northeast, but you'll need to climb Glaseasdo Mountain to reach it. If you previously visited Glaseasdo Mountain Pokemon center, you can fast travel there and take the path along to the east.

Although you can take on Montenevera Gym at anytime, it's not advised that you do so until you are well prepared, because this gym has heavy hitters and you'll be battling against Level 41-42 Pokemon. 

In addition, you’ll want to make sure your team consists mainly of Ghost and Dark Pokémon as they dish out x2 damage. You should also leave behind Normal and Fighting type Pokemon because they have no effect on Ghost-types and vice versa!

Though if you must insist on bringing a Normal-Type Pokemon then make sure they have Ghost and Dark moves in their arsenal to gain a huge advantage.

In order to begin the Gym Challenge you'll have to enter the Ghost Gym building and chat to the secretary behind the counter, who will inform you that as apart of your Gym Test you'll need to warm up the audience which involves battling three trainers. Exit the building and walk over to the stage on the left and chat with MC Sledge to begin.

It's worth noting that you are participating in double battles, meaning that you get to fight with two pokemon simultaneously. Also, the audience in attendance will cheer which can occasionally boost your Pokemon's attacks. 

How to defeat Ryme in Montenevera Gym

After dealing with the trio, you can now challenge Ryme herself.

#Gym Leader Ryme’s PokémonTypeLevel
2Banette Ghost41

Again, remember Ghost-type and Normal-type can't hurt each other, so your best shot would be to bring a Normal-type Pokemon which uses Ghost or Dark moves. That way they can avoid being hurt, while dishing out major damage on Ryme's team.

Additionally while the audience's cheering can buff your Pokemon squad, keep in mind that they can also raise Ryme's stats.

Mimikyu will dodge the first attack you use, so don't bother using a powerful move in the beginning. moreover, this Pokemon has strong moves such as Shadow Sneak and Slash. Futhermore, they will be accompanied by Banette who also uses Shadow Sneak and has a pesky Sucker Punch move.

How to beat Ryme in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet
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On the upside this team is fragile, so you can lay on heavy attacks and be done with the pair if you play your cards right.

The new Pokemon Houndstone is quite a menace in the game. If it goes first, it will use Phantom Force and turn invisible. Meaning the Pokemon will be invincible until the next round when it attacks you.

Additionally Houndstone can use Play Rough, a move which inflicts damage and has a 10% chance of lowering the opponent's Attack stat. Though it will rely more on Phantom Force, so make sure you bring a Pokemon with a powerful Ghost-type move to quickly take Houndstone out the equation.

Since it's a double battle Houndstone will be joined by Toxtricity, a Poison/Electric-type that turns into a Ghost-type when Terastallized. Be aware of it's Hyper Voice move which will hit both your Pokemon. It can also use Discharge, which is also an Area of Effect attack which can paralyze your Pokemon.

This is one of Ryme's strongest pokemon and as such it will give plenty of players a run for their money who are unlevelled or simply unprepared. It's worth noting that while Terastallized, it has the move Shadow Ball, which is an attack that has a 20% chance of lowering the target's Defense.

Once you have defeated Ryme you'll be rewarded the Ghost Gym Badge and now be able to catch and command pokemon up to level 50. In addition you'll also earn the useful TM041 Shadow Ball.


Your thoughts?

  1. I like Ryme and her sister Tyme, but makes you think that a Pokemon Black and White Hip Hop pokemon gym leader would've been cool as well, since it's Unova region was based on America.

  2. I can already imagine all the pokemon scarlet and violet memes involving Ryme.

  3. I agree that Ryme should've been a young rapper, because it seems like she's trying to be cool and fit in with the kids. Game Freak missed the chance to add a Nicki Minaj Cardi b Megan thee Stallion inspired character.

  4. Montenevera Gym was a breeze with my level 45 Greavard, but Ryme's Toxtricity can be a major pain.

  5. Ryme and Tyme are cute pokemon characters

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